Tsunami Awareness & Preparedness in Cascadia Region

CREW is committed to raising awareness of the tsunami risk in the Cascadia region while promoting mitigation and preparedness. Many lessons have been learned from the March 11, 2011 Great East Japanese (Tohoku) earthquake and tsunami - these also apply to the seismically-similar Cascadia Subduction Zone.

The following links provide additional information on ongoing awareness and preparedness activities in the Cascadia region:

Washington State

  • In a recent Seattle Times article, CREW Vice-President John Schelling and CREW Treasurer Tim Walsh express the importance of ongoing awareness activities along with the scientific information needed to better quantify Cascadia's risk. 
  • Washington Emergency Management Division (EMD, link) has more information on how to prepare to hazards in Washington state.
  • Project Safe Haven, completed in 2011, developed vertical evacuation options for the counties of Pacific and Grays Harbor. (PDF files will take a few moments to load)


  • In Oregon, Governor Kitzhaber has declared March 2012 to be Earthquake and Tsunami Awareness Month.
  • 2012 Senate Bill 1566, sponsored by Senate President Peter Courtney and passed by the Legislature, institutionalizes state responsibilities relating to seismic school safety to improve awareness and transparency to school districts and public. 
  • CREW Board Member Yumei Wang co-authored a recent editorial on lessons applicable to Oregon. 
  • Oregon Emergency Management (OEM, link) has a publication on how Oregon residents can prepare for earthquakes and tsunamis. 
  • The Oregon State Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission (OSSPAC) has developed policy recommendations to improve the state's seismic resiliency and an ongoing project is devleoping a statewide resiliency plan that will be completed in early 2013. CREW members participated in the first planning workshop, which CREW also sponsored.

British Columbia

For more information on earthquakes, tsunamis, and how to prepare, please visit our pages on Earthquake Information, Risk Reduction, and read more in our Products and Programs.

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