CREW’s objectives and activities are driven by committees. The following are dedicated committees that support CREW and enable CREW’s ability to reach its goals.  

Education and Outreach: This committee oversees the public education message and the tools used to disseminate the message. Committee responsibilities website management, outreach tools and public education projects. Current subcommittees include quarterly forums, web development, and business outreach. (Committee Lead: Kathryn Forge)

Recovery and Mitigation: This committee develops outreach materials, tools, and projects related to disaster recovery and mitigation. (Committee Lead: Teron Moore)

Quarterly Meetings and Conferences: This committee schedules conferences, workshops, and CREW Quarterly and Annual Board Meetings, which are used to guide overall CREW direction. (Committee Lead: Joan Scofield)

Grants and Projects Development: This committee writes and submits grant applications and develops new projects to be carried out by other CREW working groups. (Committee Lead: Andre LeDuc)

Governance: This committee provides oversight to the overall operation and guidance of CREW and assures that activities adhere to the Bylaws. (Committee Lead: Joan Scofield)

Program Support: This committee assures that the day-to-day operations of CREW are implemented as advised by the Board of Directors. (Committee Lead: Tim Walsh)